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Athletic Fitness is Serious Business – Know Why?


Every student athlete wants to be the best at their sport. You make your sport a priority. You dedicate serious time and energy into developing your skills.

Fitness training is a proven way to turbo-charge the skills you work so hard at.

• Today’s fitness for student athletes is not tailored to your ‘personal needs’
• Today’s fitness for student athletes does not measure results
• Today’s fitness for student athletes relies on the know-how and judgment of individual trainers

At other facilities trainers select and organize exercises which first reflect their biases, and second aim to train you. The consequence is different advice, varying results and confusion. It’s a “bro-science” – not 100% effective, hugely inconsistent and your personal goals are not a priority.

When it comes to your fitness how do you feel, being a #2 priority?

Our Mission at AllSports Pro Fitness

batterwebNow, for the first time, AllSports Pro Fitness makes your fitness a priority and addresses your needs on a personal level.

It’s our goal to provide athletes the means by which they can train consistently, sensibly, and systematically over scheduled periods of time in a safe, clean, and professional environment helping to prevent injury, and improve your athletic performance.

It’s our goal to deliver Speed, Agility, Quickness, and Strength training to improve your athletic performance and reduce the likelihood of injuries. More precisely, our Programs will create the desired results in your body tied to your specific sport and position.

Our Guiding Principles and Foundational Approach

Great programs are made up of creative ideas, enviable organization, astounding flexibility and a well-developed point of view. Ours is no exception.

Serious Programs

Kettlebell SwingAn integrated approach to training is key at AllSports Pro Fitness. Our Programs focus on instilling sound mechanics underpinned by a high level of personal supervision. This builds robust fundamental movements.

Research indicates that the single most important thing an athlete can do to improve performance is to increase their strength. A focus on strength dominates our Programs.

Programs intensify by adding exercises to improve power, muscular endurance, muscle mass, agility, speed and quickness. Attributes desired by every sport and position.

Safety is vital too. Coaching on proper exercise techniques follows guidelines and recommendations, while attention to a 100% safe environment is a must.

Especially for You

SAQSsmile1012editwebOur Programs account for biomechanical and physiological differences among individual athletes, taking into consideration maturational age, gender, training status, and physical limitations.

Our Programs are developed and customized for specific sports and specific positions with consideration for both age and gender.

Our Programs and your hard work focus on body movements and muscles key to your role and sport.

Translation, at AllSports Pro Fitness we custom train every athlete maximizing your chance for success.

Programs Galore

highlandeditwebAt AllSports Pro Fitness we offer multiple Programs and Tracks depending on your needs.

The Serious Athlete Program (SAP) is our standard Program. It consists of 39 sessions (3 sessions per week for 13 weeks). Research indicates that this frequency is optimum for adolescent athletes.

Our Programs cater to you no matter where you are in your season, or how mature you are in your athletic career.

  • Pre-season Programs pump you up in that critical month before tryouts.
  • Flexible in-season Programs maintain your edge while skill building comes first.
  • Off-season Programs do it all.

Whether you amp it up in the summer with a laser focus on specific goals, or you dedicate time to holistic improvements AllSports Pro Fitness has the Program for you.

Each Program offers a broad selection of Tracks tailored to your needs. Options include; Athletic Development, Strength, Explosive Power, Muscle Mass and Muscle Endurance – to name a few.

We Didn’t Make this Stuff Up